Human Rights Actors

This directory principally includes civil society actors, academic and political institutions, and international organizations that play a role in the field of human rights, in the defense or the promotion of either a specific right or of human rights in general. The actors listed here are those with an international scope..


HRNi is also developing a network of specialists that will mobilize the academic community to lead research programmes in the field of human rights and democracy. This network intends to encourage contact among researchers in order to promote research and the exchange of ideas and specialized information. Moreover, it will guarantee the effectiveness of HRNi interventions: thanks to its ability to call upon the expertise of network members to intervene in their area of specialization, HRNi will be able, if need be, to guide members of political institutions and civil society in search of high-quality studies to the best qualified research units. It will also promote contact between the academic community and the interested public. If you’d like to make contact with one of the network specialists, please write to Ludovic Hennebel (HRNi Programme Manager), at